North East RadioWatch: June 10, 2002

WICC Drops Music, WPXT Drops News

by Scott Fybush

Finally, some news from the home front: we'll be keeping a closer eye on TV and FM developments in places like Buffalo, Syracuse, Watertown and Kingston, thanks to the new array of Channel Master antennas (an 1110 for VHF and a 4248 for UHF) now perched on the roof of NERW Central.

A big huge NERW thank you (and happy birthday!) to Rick Lucas, the fellow local DX'er who did all the rooftop work to make TV and FM DX a reality hereabouts. Now we just need a better TV to handle the incredible amounts of RF coming from Pinnacle Hill, just 4300 feet from the NERW offices! Any suggestions? Drop me a line...

And that's it for another week; we'll see you again next Monday!

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