North East RadioWatch: May 14, 1998

1150 Splits Off...

by Scott Fybush

One distribution note for those of you who read NERW at our Web site: The Web site is intended primarily as an archive for NERW. Depending on the workloads of those who maintain it, NERW may not always be available on the Web right away. If you want to make sure NERW reaches you as soon as it's published, we encourage you to join our mailing list. Just send e-mail to with the word subscribe as the body of your message, and NERW will be on its way to your mailbox every week. (You can also find NERW on Usenet, where it's posted to every week, as well as to the companion AIRWAVES mailing list.)

As most of you know, NERW is a labor of love for me and for everyone else involved in its creation each week. As NERW's readership has grown over the past several years, the amount of e-mail we receive each week has exploded. We try as much as possible to reply to all the e-mail readers send us each week...but we hope you'll understand if the press of our full-time jobs (yes, there's life outside NERW!) keeps us from replying to each and every message. Please know that we do value your contributions; there'd be no NERW without you!

And note also that we do NOT, as a matter of policy, reply to anyone who can't figure out the difference between the Radio Archive sites and individual stations' to anyone who's sent us e-mail requesting "us" to play a song for them, sorry! (And you'd be surprised how many of those we get, too...)

That's it for NERW this week; please note that next week's NERW will be an abbreviated early edition, arriving in your mailboxes sometime Tuesday night or Wednesday while we head off to northern Ohio and Indiana for Memorial Day. See you next week!

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