The Eastern Massachusetts Radio Timeline: the 1980s

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Mar. 12
Sheridan Broadcasting files to sell WILD (1090 Boston) to local entrepreneur H. Kendell Nash. (Granted June 25.)
Aug. 26
Nash Communications completes its acquisition of WILD.


Mar. 2
WILD (1090) files to move to 720 kHz from a new site in West Roxbury, adding a directional array and night power. The application is returned by the FCC on April 30 because of prohibited overlap with WCAS (740 Cambridge).
May 18
WILD files for a license to cover on its power increase to 5 kW.



July 14
WBOS-FM switches from rock to country music.


WHUE-FM sold to First Media, becomes WCOZ for one week, then goes silent.


Jan. 1
WCOZ-FM becomes WKKT, flips to CHR.
Oct. 29
WKKT flips to classic rock, becomes WZLX.


Mar. 3
WHDH and WZOU sold to Sconnix.
May 13
WMBR adds stereo.


Mar. 31
Southfield Communications LP (Douglas Tanger) agrees to buy WVCA-FM (104.9 Gloucester) from Simon Geller for $1 million; the FCC approves the sale on May 26.
May 18
WVCA-FM (104.9 Gloucester) applies to move to a new transmitter site, on Kondelin Road in Cape Ann Industrial Park, where it would operate at 2.5 kW from 110 meters above average terrain (up from 75 m on the old tower).
June 8
The sale of WVCA-FM (104.9 Gloucester) to Southfield Communications closes. Geller retires to an apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side.
June 18
WVCA-FM (104.9 Gloucester) adopts new callsign WBOQ, keeping the classical music format but with the new station identity “W-Bach”.
June 30
The FCC grants WBOQ (104.9 Gloucester)'s application for a new transmitter site with increased power and antenna height.
Oct. 27
WBOQ (104.9 Gloucester) applies to amend its previously granted construction permit, reducing the requested power from 2.5 kW to 1.531 kW while increasing antenna height from 110 to 136 meters above average terrain, at the same Cape Ann Industrial Park site.


Apr. 27
WBOS-FM drops country.

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