The Boston TV Dial: WGBX-TV

Who, What, Where

Community: Boston
Analog channel: *44=
Digital channel: *43 (will keep)
PSIP: 44-1: main channel
44-2: WGBH World
44-3: WGBH Create
44-4: WGBH Kids
Ownership: WGBH Educational Foundation
Studio: 125 Western Ave.
Allston, MA 02134-1008
Transmitter: 350 Cedar Street
Needham, MA 02192-1818
Receptionist +1 617 492 2777
Pledges 800 492 1111
Network: PBS

Technical Parameters

WGBX-TV transmits on analog channel 44 from the Viacom tower in Needham, using 1100 kW peak visual ERP, from the lower UHF master antenna at 374 meters above average terrain. WGBX-TV's digital service operates on channel 43 from the upper UHF master, with 500 kW average ERP at 391 meters AAT.

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